From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is your typical Tarantino-esque crime flick with a plot twist that would make M. Night cream in his curry. It is also in the prestigious category of being a vampire movie that doesn’t suck (Spoiler? Pun? Spunler.)

This image is in desperate need of some humor.

Just The Facts

  1. Tarantino/Rodriguez brainchild created to pay homage to the classic overly-gory horror/ exploitation movies of the good ol days.
  2. Not Grindhouse
  3. Proof that one can succesfully add monsters to ANY story (Hope yet for a Frankenstein Bond villain...)
  4. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them.


The movie picks up after Ritchie Gecko (Tarantino) a murderer/rapist (More on Tarantino's ultimate dream role later) has just busted his brother Seth [George Clooney (more on the impracticality of those two people coming from the same gene pool later)] out of prison somewhere in Texas. They are making their way (see: murder/rape) to Mexico where they are to meet Cheech Marin and gain safe haven in a town called El Wray.
After picking up Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and a Japanese Chinese boy, they slip past Cheech Marin the customs agent, knock out Cheech Marin the vagina enthusiast, and proceed to have a few drinks while awaiting the arrival of Cheech Marin the gangster.
3 cheeches
(The Mexican Sean Penn)
Unfortunately for them, the bar they decided to meet at just happens to be the feasting grounds for legions of the undead. And Danny Trejo.
"One margarita please"

A misunderstanding as grand as this could ONLY end in hilarious shenanigans. And with a jackhammer, a super-soaker and a disco ball all competing for best weapon to fight off vampires, this movie doesn't disappoint!

Ritchie Gecko aka Quentin Tarantino's dream role

While most of us, if offered any role in the entire world, would choose to play someone of power, great importance or notoriety (i.e. God, Hitler, Jessica Alba's towel) Quentin Tarantino got everything he could ever wish for in the sheriff murdering, maid raping, toe sucking man child that is Richard Gecko. Beyond the guns, the swearing and the raping inherent in any Tarantino role, there are a few extra special perks to playing ol' Ritchie which I'm sure Tarantino suggested himself in a meeting which most certainly went something like this:
Quentin: Can I play a rapist AND a vampire?
Studio: Of course, Quentin!
Q: Can George Clooney play my brother?
S: It may take away from the realism, but if that's what our man wants, that's what our man gets.
Q: Can I have Juliette Lewis politely ask me to eat her pussy?
S: What?.. Yeah, sure, we can work that out.
Q: Can I drink whisky being poured down the leg of a semi-nude Selma Hayek and then gently suck on her feet while George Clooney and a bar full of greasy truckers look on?
S: Umm... We'll contact her agent...
Q: Can I Kick a hairy Cheech Marin several times while he's on the ground?
S: Not a problem.