5 Common Facts That Aren't True

There are some things that we all take for granted. Why, back in the day it was widely believed that the earth was flat and if you said differently you'd be burned as a witch. Today we're a bit more open minded of course, right?

Not true

A complete fucking lie

Why do you mock meeee?!?!

Just The Facts

  1. People are stupid
  2. If people ever tell you something is true, they are probably lying
  3. I would never lie to you

Fact 1: People think coffee is made from beans

The Fact: Coffee. One of the worlds favorite beverages and sources of legal drugs. But how do we get it? We get it through one of our most traded agricultural exports, coffee beans (duh)

The Truth: Yeah, well apparently not. It's made of seeds. According to Wikipedia the seeds are from the coffee cherries found on the coffee tree. The misconception is because people just call the seeds beans. Though this is more of a technicality than utter bullshit it's still interesting to see how many people think that coffee bean is actually the scientific term for what coffee is made of.

Fact 2: Nothing in the English language rhymes with orange

Juicy Orange

The Fact: No word in the English language rhymes with the word "orange"

The Truth: Okay, so this is a half truth. It's not absolute bolocks but it still isn't true either. You see, according to experts orange is one of the few words that has nothing to rhyme with it. This is why you don't see many children's books with a protagonist who is an orange.

However, the same experts add that while no words rhyme with orange (or silver for that matter) there are words that sound as if they are rhymed. The best example for orange being lozenge. The reason for the idea that no word rhymes with orange is that its technically true on paper. When reading words, we tend to think words that are spelled similarly are also pronounced similarly, like red and bed. However this isn't always true. For example, crate and bait rhyme, and are spelled nothing alike. Just further proof that English is kind of a bullshit language.

What is this, I don't even....

What is this, I don't even...

Fact 3: People believe that Mars is a red planet

The Fact: Mars. It's really big and really red, right? You can see it for yourself in the night sky, all glowing like a...something that is large and red.

Tomatoes, maybe? Are tomatoes funny?

The Truth: According to experts on space, Mars is actually a sort of butterscotch color.


So why do we all think it's red? Basically, "The red glint as seen through a telescope comes from oxidized iron minerals in the soil-basically, Mars is rusty." (source)

That's...really more orange. Learn colors guys!

Fact 4: People believe there are 50 States in the USA

The Fact: Oh come on! Look at that map! You can COUNT the states! No way you're gonna tell me that's wrong.

The Truth: Technically speaking there are only 46 states in the USA. The other four refer to themselves as commonwealths

Not that kind of common wealth

Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are all commonwealths. According to Wikipedia, "This designation, which has no constitutional impact, emphasizes that they have a "government based on the common consent of the people" as opposed to one legitimized through their earlier Royal Colony status that was derived from the King of Great Britain."


This basically means nothing, but is a cool little tidbit to throw out at parties that will totally get you laid (Note: it absolutely will not)

Fact 5: People think penguins mate for life

The Fact: At any given moment on the internet, a little emo girl is asking a little emo boy to be her penguin, cause, you know, penguins mate for life, right? A comic told me so, and comics never lie.

Obama and Spiderman are totally bros.

The Truth: Penguins mate with whoever most convenient. Most penguins remain monogamous for the duration of the breeding period, which can be anywhere from 50 days for fairy penguins to 16 months for king penguins.

Man, who's job is it to name penguins?

After breeding season, however, all bets are off. While penguins do generally try to retain the same mates from year to year (62% for Adélie penguins, 82% for Chinstraps, and 90% for gentoos [source]), in most species they tend to pair off with different partners the next year. Reasons given vary from not wanting to wait around for the same penguin (source) to not being able to find each other due to mistiming (source)

But you were late!

Don't believe everything you hear, kids. Stay in school!