Wii Fit

Wii Fit is one of the best-selling video games of this generation, somehow.

Just The Facts

  1. Wii Fit is the second best-selling game in history that hasn't been bundled with a console.
  2. The purpose of Wii Fit is to make exercising fun, and over twenty million people have purchased it in hopes that aerobics and yoga are now easy. They aren't.
  3. In a hilarious twist of irony, you cannot play Wii Fit if you are too fat.

Cracked.com on Wii Fit

So what exactly is the secret to Wii Fit's success? Back in 2004 or so, Nintendo, after what we can only presume is years of research, took a look around and realized that there are people out there who don't play any video games at all. Seriously, not even some Tetris while they're goofing around at work. This is fairly understandable, as at the time a typical game controller looked like this:

Thanks to game-accessibility.com for this nightmarish controller.

In hopes of making video games easier to play, Nintendo released the Wii in November 2006, which was packaged with the ultra-intuitive Wii Sports. This game was the defintion of "pick-up-and-play": if you want to play tennis, you just swing the controller; if you want to play baseball, you just swing the controller; and if you want to play golf, you just, uh, swing the controller.

Also, hold onto the controller.

Following the runaway success of Wii Sports, Nintendo decided that they needed to make another game that was just as easy to play. Their solution: make people do aerobics, push-ups, and yoga. Thus, Wii Fit was born, and, hopping onto Nintendo's casual games train, people were lining up around the block for it. It was, quite literally, one year before you could reliably find Wii Fit on store shelves. Who knew that people were such fans of causing themselves great pain?

Some of us more than others.

Regular game players, of course, are somewhat frightened by this strange development. They see that money that used to be devoted to Burly Men Firing Machine Guns 23 is now being redirected toward Happy Penguin Mini-Game Compilation: Snowflake Edition. They speak of these disgusting "casual gamers", uttering the word "casual" with the same vehemence as Bruce Lee upon seeing an unbroken pair of legs. Fortunately for them, it's unlikely that the casual gaming bubble is going to be able to sustain itself forever, as society moves on to the next big thing and video games are left to the gamers once again. At least, until the inevitable Nintendogs 2 causes the world's productivity to come crashing to a halt.