Easter is a holiday observed around the world by Christians and people who like bunnies.

Just The Facts

  1. Easter dates back thousands of years to the invention of candy
  2. It commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the availability of candy

The History of Easter

Although Easter is technically a Christian holiday, its history starts long before. There was the ancient fertility godess Esotera, and of course the Jewish holiday of Passover. During the last of the 10 Plagues of Egypt, Jews were instructed by God to smear the blood of a sacrificed lamb on the doors to their homes so that the people inside would be spared from having their firstborn killed.

Later on, according to Christians, God was listening to his heavy metal albums and decided to have a different version of Passover in which the lamb would be God. So during a Passover around 30 AD Jesus was crucified, much to the delight of Mel Gibson. This event is remembered on Good Friday, which was presumably named by Satan. Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection three days later.

Somewhere along the line, these remembrances of pain, blood and suffering became associated with chocolate, which in some ways wasn't that bad.

Easter Traditions

In Europe, Easter became associated with the end of winter and return of spring, and the return of new life that goes along with it. For that reason Easter celebrations have often centered around fertility symbols, like bunnies and public drunkenness. In Australia, Easter takes place in the autumn, and is celebrated with scorpions and poisonous snakes.

Egg Decorating

These days, a lot of people decorate eggs for Easter.

Above: A traditionally decorated egg.

This is a bit more boring than a fertility ritual, but you can still get some fun out of it by making it a challenge. Try it with your kids! This is a good egg to try for the six to eight age range:

If your kid has trouble making a decorated egg like this, be sure to tell them that it's because they don't love Jesus enough.

Egg Hunts

This is another good one for kids. You hide eggs around the place and make the kids find them. For an extra surprise, surprise your child by putting this egg on his pillow before he wakes up.

Kids love surprises!


In some parts of the world, Easter is celebrated by people nailing themselves to crosses. We don't know why either. Surely egg hunting is more fun.