Flickr is an image-hosting website, currently containing 8.7 trillion digital photos of your cat. It's also one of those sites where you can pretend you're a schoolgirl. Porn photos aren't allowed, but we'll show you how to get around that rule.

You want your photos to be somewhere in that big yellow circle.

Just The Facts

  1. Besides hosting images, Flickr is one of those "social network" places where you can imagine you have lots of friends.
  2. If you write FLICKR in all capitals, it looks something like FUCKR. People who use Flickr, or "flickheads," generally don't capitalize the name, preferring "flickr."
  3. Below are examples of photos on Flickr that look pornographic, but are totally not porn!

Pro-tip: Framing Your Photo

Framing your photo is by far the most important factor in determining whether your image will merely be a "good" picture, or a good picture that looks like porn. Don't just shoot the standard straight-ahead shot; that's the lazy way. Look for creative angles that bring out your subject's inherent interest, and resemblance to a big ass or something.

Framing Your Photo: WRONG Framing your photo: RIGHT

For more handy framing tips, try Yahoo! Answers, the Internet's version of listening to crazy people on the bus.

Why You Should Bookmark This Page

Why you should bookmark this page

Flickr Photos That Look Like Porn, But Are Totally Not Porn

These photos are examples of what you should strive for, in your own Flickr photography. Each one shows a common, everyday object, such as a parsnip, and through the magic of framing, transforms it into something very much like porn.

An elbow:

A portobello mushroom:

It's a couch:

Wrist, with bracelet:

Leg, bent at knee:

It's a book:

Nice doughnuts:

Bread dough:

The corner of a room, with sexy wallpaper:

He's just getting hit with a snowball:

A banana in a cocktail:



Happy Meal toy, of some sort:

Petunia bud:


Daddy's knees:


A parsnip:

A zipper on a purse:


Dude's armpit:


Dude's neck:

A tree stump;



A rock:


That's a knee:

Girl looks at her arm: