Dallas Cowboys Football

The Dallas Cowboys often refer to themselves as America's Team, and most of America has a special place for them, although for Americans outside of Dallas this special place is unmentionable in a respectable publication.

Just The Facts

  1. The Dallas Cowboys did not give themselves the nickname "America's Team" but were given that label by a reporter.
  2. However, it is the Cowboys' organization that is responsible for not letting people forget a reporter once called them that.
  3. Most other American football fans have come up with their own creative nicknames for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys franchise was created January 28, 1960. Football fans began hating the Cowboys on January 29, 1960.

The original proposed name for the team was the Dallas Steers. Steers are castrated cattle. With great foresight, the team founders anticipated many decades of animosity from other football fans and wisely decided not to give them any more ammunition than they needed.

The new expansion team failed to win a game in its first season, improved in their second season, and regressed again in their third. As they began a dismal fourth season, the President of the United States was shot in their city, which many consider to be a coincidence.

From this auspicious beginning, the Cowboys gradually improved and became a football powerhouse, and currently boast the most Super Bowl appearances of all NFL teams. As they became more successful, their fans became more vocal, and according to most NFL fans, more obnoxious.

Obnoxiousness is a value passed down from the top, as owner Jerry Jones is well known for being boastful and somewhat undiplomatic. In a 2003 Sports Illustrated online poll, he was voted Most Hated Sports Personality in at least 3 states.

He is known for hiring players that are equally obnoxious, troublemakers such as Terrell Owens, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin, among others. In any given era of the team, there is probably at least one Cowboys player that serves as a default punchline to sports diva jokes, even for Americans who don't know anything about football.

The Cowboys Today

The Dallas Cowboys' current quarterback, Tony Romo, got his position when his predecessor, Drew Bledsoe, was fired halfway through a game. Television cameras lingered lovingly on Bledsoe's shellshocked face during the rest of the game. Romo has been accused of choking in games due to being distracted by his involvement with Jessica Simpson, and his last name is perfect for childish nicknames. He thus proudly carries on the tradition of giving NFL fans a face of the franchise they can model a pinata after.

Meanwhile, the other big to-do recently has been the Cowboys' new stadium (cleverly named Cowboys Stadium), an ambitious and extremely expensive stadium that cost so much that Jerry Jones would probably rent it out to anybody to make his cost back, including weddings and bar mitzvahs. Cowboys fans jokingly nicknamed the stadium "The Death Star" while it was under construction, although in reality only one person was killed in the process. (170 were injured.)

The most popular highlight of the new stadium is its enormous scoreboard hanging in the middle of the stadium, which is so low it sometimes get hit by punts. This has provided much mirth to football fans.