Sea Monsters

Sea monsters are (and were) terrifying abominations that made hardened sailors shit themselves in fright, even though they either weren't real or died millions of years ago. Or maybe they didn't die out.

Fuck the ocean.

Just The Facts

  1. Sea monsters are sometimes actual animals that have been mistaken for something else.
  2. Not every terrifying thing in the sea is a sea monster, but some (like Colossal squid) are.
  3. Sea Monsters include things like Krakens, Plesiosaurs, and Al Roker in a speedo.

Cracked on Sea Monsters

Sea monsters have been with us as a race ever since we first went into deep water and realized there was something bigger than us in it. Between those that we have made up and those that actually exist, sea monsters are a great reason to move into a mountain lodge and only ever take showers, lest we be devoured in the tub by a shark, because those fuckers are crafty (if the Jaws movies are to be believed.)