Baffling 1. To frustrate or check (a person) as by confusing or perplexing; stymie.

Your baby eats floor food...racism is not as interesting or as tasty as a year old peppermint.

A perfect example that our god is a vengeful and angry master.

Why are you not in my mouth!

Just The Facts

  1. I have no real idea what this article is about.
  2. Instead of giving you an informative dissertation on the origins of the word "baffling" , I am going to write about whatever i damn well please.
  3. Defense! (The most mantastic word ever created.)

Baffling: Not my fault.

So presented with a rather premanent case of " Don't kiz-zare" (thats the word "care" in blackenise for all you honkys) and no real knowledge of the english language I present to you; Things I find Baffling.

Batman and his ability to fight crime with dancing.The child molestation I inderstand, but when you can dance justice into any situation ,its too much..


The Goddamn Shake Weight. Because working out and being all fit and stuff wasnt already super gay all on its own. (Im so alone...)

Arbor day. Fucking Arbor day....

Nutella and why it isnt our national mascot (yet) . I ate a baby covered in Nutella once.

Cutest entree ever!

leashes for kids. I understand the leashes, what i dont get is the look of suprise that parents get when they get stuck in a nursing home ghetto. Payback FTW!