Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Titles

Common Call of Duty stereotypes

not so bad now is it?

Just The Facts

  1. Many MW2 players are easily classifiable.
  2. You can tell alot about a person depending on their title.
  3. X-box Live brings out the demon in each of us.

Titles and You!

1) "Joint Ops", "High Command" ext

What they say- I am a crazy kid who likes smoking hash 24/7. The reason I am playing poorly, is due to the fact THC is blasting through my brain.

The truth- I am a pre-teen boy, and if I am up past nine o'clock, my sleepover privilages will go away.

2) "K Factor", "Bite the Bullet", "BOOM! headshot"

What they say- I was just scouted by MLG last night, but i told them no because it wouldn't even be a challenge. by the way I got the nuke the last 17 games I played so good luck.

The truth- I am a try-hard. Call of Duty is my life. I am willing to tell lies to make you think I am good at this game.

3) "Kleptomanic", "Silence", "Rejected"

What they say- I am cool/edgy and I am not afraid to show it. this picture of a girl in bondage explains it perfectly.

The truth- I am really insecure/confused about my sexuality so here is a picture of a half naked girl.

4) "Noob tuber"

What they say- I found a loop-hole and now I exploit the hell out of it. deal with it.

The truth- I feel guilty for being a cheating bitch, so here is a warning for everyone.

5) "Prestige 10"

What they say- I am amazing at this game, I maxed out. Bow to me.

The truth- I have no life.

6) "End of the Line" (achieved by calling in 5 nukes.)

What they say- You are totally fucked.

The truth- You are totally fucked


You may be asking, "If all of these are bad, then what the hell should I use?"

Good Question

The answer is that there is no right answer. Everyone is a 7 foot tall bouncer that holds a blackbelt in karate on X-box live. A pre-teen kid can spout off hate and talk shit with absolutely no repercussions. so go ahead and use any title you feel fit, because the least it will do is put a big label on you to warn other players of the demon within.