Dall Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Titles And Emblems



Just The Facts

  1. titles and emblems in mw2 are a good idea...but..
  2. they dont fukin ell you how you got the thing!!!!!

what i tink..

I tought when i first played mw2 it was gona be the same old shit...it mostly is except for the light at the end of the tunnel....TITLES AND EMBLEMS!!!...fuck ya!!

I personally think it add a bit more competition to the game because you could see a fuking epic one and say..i want that shit...

But of course it not that simple,they had to make it so you never how to get it or how you did get....yes in know you can look it up in the interne but thats not the point...the point is they should tell if you do some cool shit on the game.....

thats it really.........A yellow banknote wrestling a midget over stock exchange...