High School Musical

High School Musical has graced our screens since 2006, and has brought about both 2 sequels, and a new wave of tween obsession. We think its an ingenious plot to take over the world by cheap movie plots.

Just The Facts

  1. Almost half of the male characters are on the basketball team, yet love to sing....
  2. The 'bad guys' of the film are a rich, snobby blonde and her brother
  3. The entire plot of the film is based upon how Troy wants to get in Gabrielles' pants, but as it's Disney, all he manages is a kiss by the second film....

Whats this movie about?

Ok this was one of the most popular movies among the american middle school and in most cases younger. Keep that in mind. This movie takes place centered around a average american high school. But instead of getting in fights and bragging about how drunk they got last night they sing... a lot. Now, whenever they come to a important part in the movie or are feeling vocal or whatever they sing. These moments include a basketball game, in the cafeteria, and right in the middle of the fucking hall.

And of course instead of giving them weird looks then telling them to shut the fuck up, they sing with them.

Cracked on High School Musical

This movie sucks. But thats because we are not tweens anymore and have evolved to bigger and better things.

dont ask

Like boobs

But i suppose this movie might have appeal on those with a fear of high school. Because this casts it as one big singing party... And high school is anything but.

Its more like this.