Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. is a fast food restaurant chain that focuses on sex and calorie intensive food in its advertising.))

Does this mean that Carl's Jr. is sexy or that it is easy to obtain?  You decide.


Carl's Jr. was founded by Carl Karcher in 1941 in Los Angeles, CA.  Presumably, the restaurant gets its name from its founder. 

Pictured above: Carl Karcher and some German model.

According to the Chicago Manual of Style, the possessive form is created by adding an 's to the end of a noun.  Therefore, a book that belongs to Carl becomes: "Carl's book."  If the book belongs to Carl's son, whose name is also Carl, then it becomes: Carl Jr.'s book. 

The name, Carl's Jr. refers to something miniature that belongs to Carl.  What are you making our hamburgers out of, Carl?

The Food

Carl's Jr's signature dish is the Six Dollar Burger.  The six dollar burger was first introduced in December 2000 and sold for $3.95.  The idea was to create a cheeseburger that would be comparable to a cheeseburger that would cost $6 in a restaurant.  Currently, the Six Dollar Burger with fries and a soda costs about $8.


Although Carl's Jr.'s food is not acclaimed for its nutritional value, it is incredibly delicious.


If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face.

In the mid 90s, Carl's Jr. began to use this motto.  It's ads included videos of people eating big fat juicy cheeseburgers with ketchup dripping all over their faces and clothes.

Hot chicks.

Carl's Jr. currently uses the Hot Chicks method of advertising.  The principle is simple - show pictures of scantily clad sexy girls eating cheeseburgers and loving it.