Glue has some small uses. The basic ones being glue objects together or sniff it (for some elementary school kids it's food also).


Sniffable also.

You can sniff this one but nothing happens.

Just The Facts

  1. The oldest known glue (or adhesive in technical terms) dates back to 200,000 BC and was founded in central Italy. It was used as a hair product by the "Guido" tribe and still highly regarded by them today.
  2. Super glue was created by accident like most of todays youth. For a sexy and sticky story of how it was invented see 5 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World
  3. Essential for fun as a kid, then a teenager, and then an addict.
  4. Helps keep the horse population under control.

Cracked on Glue

When using something as strong and semi permanent as glue (remember nothings permanent no matter what your wife or church says) one should use some caution, or you can just do a bunch of immature shit either way is fun. To outline some of the conventional uses of glue, there are things like arts and crafts, hobbies, or whatever. But besides this pussy shit theres also the more inventive, and exciting stuff possibly resulting in severe injury (if your lucky). These uses can be as simple as gluing your best friend's head to the toilet, or gluing your roommates ass cheeks together. More complex uses can be things such as catching your prey.

"Looks like i wont be going stag!"
"I gotta stop falling for this."

For getting back at people for whatever reason glue usually does the trick. So if you got somebody you would like to get revenge on go grab yourself some glue. Just remember you don`t necessarily need to know someone to exact sweet sweet revenge on them.

The Glories of Glue

Glue can be used as an inhalent! Really? Who knew? Glue can be a cheap alternative to other street drugs to induce an intoxicated state. To be clear though before you junkies go out and raids your kids pencil cases, school glue like elmers cannot make you high . Maybe if you eat like a shit load of it but then natural selection runs its course and so on and so forth. But it's the more pungent smelling glues like model glue or super glue that can make you high. This is what is called "the good stuff".

Exactly what I was doing while watching Airplane

Sniffing glue is a relatively cheap source to get a cheap high. It is also extremely accessible for even the youngest most incompetent of minors. Glue is pretty much sold anywhere from Wal Mart to Home Depot to even any general hobby store (assuming they haven't been put out of business by either Wal Mart or Home Depot). But really why go to that shady guy outside the 711 to buy your weed or whatever while you can buy glue from some relatively normal person? Keep in mind there are still some shady people and goblins working at Wal Mart. The big kicker is that its much cheaper than the conventional drugs like weed. Glue is only like 5 dollars or more depending on the brand. I have nothing against weed but glue is starting to put it to shame, or you can do both while throwing in some horse tranquilizers and you got yourself a good night.

Effects of Glue

Now besides the potential hilarity of gluing things (and people) together. There are some side effects. The inhalation of glue can cause serious side effects to the brain and most likely other things as well. Now I'm not some fancy doctor with a medical degree, clipboard, and disposable income but I think I know a thing or two about brains. They are roundish, have tails, used for.... that thing you do everyday.... oh yeah watch porn. But to see the side effects of brain decay I created this chart based on a scientific data.

I would eat two of the three

There are probably some side effects of eating glue or getting it in your eyes or something. But if you are that stupid then you probably deserved it.