Heavy Metal Fan

More commonly referred to as "Metalheads" or "Headbangers", heavy metal fans are staunch advocates of shredding, brutality, mayhem and controversy.

WHOAH!!!! YOU ROCK!!! ....who's playing?

Just The Facts

  1. Heavy metal fans are fans of heavy metal music. (Well Duh)
  2. Metal music is the birthchild of psychadelic rock brutal shagging the shit out of blues-rock in the late 60's and early 70's
  3. Heavy metal fans are often dressed in black and run through the street screamming 'Slayer'
  4. Metal fans worship Satan (or so Mothers of America tell them)


When I'm speaking about heavy metal fans, I'm generalise all the subgenre's of heavy metal and heavy metal itself into one group as theres a lot of simuliritys between the fans and only some minor differences. The only one which is has a major difference is black metal, which I will dicuss later on.

The Heavy Metal Fan Culture

What is more commonly known is that heavy metal is controversal; to those who are into it and clearly misunderstand it, I wont go into this though as this is about the fans and not the shit they take from the media to general public for no good reason.

Heavy metal fans are part of an underground culture. It's a close generaly friendly communtie feel; where each other are accepted based on the love of metal. Unlike other fans of other types of music heavy metal fans are loyal to their bands as long as they keep produce honest good music, follow the metal code of authenticity. Which means musicians/bands must appear to both be completly devoted to their music and loyal to their fans that supports them. They must not be intrested in going mainstream, otherwise known as selling out.

The Predictions

What is less commonly known is that the Mayan's predicted the Metalocalypse in 2012. Which for those who haven't seen Roland Emmerich latest insult to theatre is about the rise of heavy metal and the death to all but metal fans who will survive on an underwater space ship in China while listening to Hammer Smash Face (a song with lyrics that sounds like it was written by cavemen). At least that's what I took away from it; as there was about as much compelling story as there was rape in Bambi.

I couldn't find a picture of Bambi taking it up the arse, so this is the next best thing.

I couldn't find a picture of Bambi taking it up the arse, so this is the next best thing.

Fun 'fact': The often misunderstood band Steel Panther warns us of the Metalocalypse in their song 'Death to All But Metal'.

The Contradiction

Theirs is a running contradiction often in younger metal fans when they discover a new band they fall in love with and nobodies heard of them. Excited they show all their friends the band and want the whole world to know who they are, but when they become popular that band is shunned and hated. There are even some people who'll only listen to a bands first demo and anything else they release after that is too commercial for them.

The Black Sheep Of The Family

Above is your typical Black Metal fan,

For this sub-genre of heavy metal fans everything I have said about metal fan's do not apply to black metal fans. They take life too seriously, they believe in totaly indevidualism, but are very narrow minded and if you're not exactly like them they will scorn you. They worship the devil and/or follow the teachings of Nazi. Even with all of that in mind they still manage to act like even bigger dicks they dress in corpses paint, make music videos of themself breathing fire and chasing a wizard through a forest.

The last one would be forgivable if they wernt being dead serious and even claimed 'it was the best idea they ever had'