Frisky Dingo

Frisky Dingo, to those that have the time or supply of marijuana to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network at 2 AM, has been a source of joy.

Just The Facts

  1. The creators of Frisky Dingo also created Archer, which airs on FX.
  2. The animation is as simple as its characters are bizarre.
  3. Nobody does running gags like Frisky Dingo's writers.

The Main Characters


One of the show's main characters, the British-accented Killface is the scariest motherfucker you'll ever lay eyes on. He's got glowing red eyes, is bone white, has talons for feet, and is muscular enough to drive Arnold Schwarzenegger into a steroid-and-jealousy-induced-rage.

Eat your heart out, Governator.

Equal to his strength (he can bench 900 kilograms, known elsewhere as more weight than you will ever lift in your life) is Killface's stupidity. His master plan of pushing the Earth into the Sun with a massive setup of thrusters is constantly delayed by himself. He is petulant, and has a nasty habit of killing the people that work for him (against their will). The hurdle that sets the plot in motion is his desire to market his plan to the Earth, which is odd because when you have a device that is designed to end life on Earth, it's a major rule in the Supervillain Handbook to not tell too many people about it.

It's okay, nobody will notice

Don't worry, nobody will notice...

Xander Crews/ The Xtacles

Every dim-witted supervillain needs an equally stupid superhero to fight. Enter Xander Crews, a superhero whose suit and story is loosely based on Iron Man's and whose personality is based on the worst parts of Bruce Wayne. Inheriting his parent's company in the wake of their murder, Crews has since been driving the company face first into oblivion. When he's not out cheating on his girlfriend or being an annoying trust-fund baby, he's fighting crime as his superhero alter ego, Awesome X.

His sidekicks in fighting crime are dubbed the Xtacles, men in robotic suits that do most of the ass-kicking and name-taking (pictured below). They're all voiced by the same person, speaking in the same voice (except the oddly-Slavic-accented Ronnie) but are still the funniest people on the show.

Not pictured: name taking

Not Pictured: Name-taking.