White Guys With Dreads

Dreadlocks: Some guys can pull it off (i.e. Bob Marley) while others should rethink their hairstyle (i.e. all white guys)

Just The Facts

  1. Dreads are formed by sectioning the hair, back-combing it towards the scalp, adding wax and rolling it between the palms of the hands.
  2. The first known examples of dreadlocks appear in ancient Egypt where mummies with dreadlocked hair and wigs have been found.
  3. Dreadlocks are best known for their association with the Rastafari religion which calls for maintaining the body as a whole and they serve as a symbol of inner spirituality .
  4. Other people that revere the dreadlock style are Shiva worshippers in India, the Fakirs of Pakistan, the Maasai tribe of Africa and hippie stoners.

Posers or Individualists?

It's an ages long debate: Are white dudes that roll their hair into dreadlocks just posers stealing an ethnic hairstyle or are they people simply expressing their indivdualism and uniqueness by imitating and copying those that can actually claim it as part of their heritage? That question may never be answered, but one thing is for certain: they are all douchebags.

For example:





German douche

German Douche

Hippie douche

Hippie douche

Double douche

Double douches

Dou...Whoa! Didn't see ya sitting there, buddy. Ya know, that style kinda works for you...please don't hurt me.