That 70's Show

That 70s Show is a show about a time long ago called "The seventies". Little was known about this time before this show came on, so it was a learning experience for some.

With Meg Griffin, Venom, and Handy Manny on the show you know it's gotta be good.

The bad guy from Robo Cop takes on the role of an average father and ends up being more intimidating.

Just The Facts

  1. Set in a fictional town in Wisconsin that's north of Racine but south of the Michigan border.
  2. Big names like Charo and Danny Bonaduce make guest appearances.
  3. It's about the 1970s.

Cracked on That 70s Show

That 70s Show was the show that made us realize that teens in the 70s were just like us (when we were teens). Just like them we spent a lot of time stoned. Just like them we spent a lot of time trying desperately to get any action (well, not all of us). Like them our lives were filled with drama and comedy.

Eric Forman

The resemblance is amazing!

Eric Forman pictured next to Topher Grace. It's amazing what these make-up artists can do.

A nerd who dates a hot redhead.

Donna Pinciotti

Eric's girlfriend for the majority of the series. She has lived next to Eric since they were really young. Later into the series she dyes her hair blond, which everyone says makes her better looking.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an SFW picture of her with blond hair

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a SFW picture of her with blond hair.

Steven Hyde

Eric's friend and later foster brother. Hyde is a troubled boy destined to be the smartest person in his cell block. He's also widely considered "The Space Cowboy" and "Midnight Toker".

Michael Kelso

The resident moron. His two achievements are that he's nailed a long list of women and he's "The King" (as in he's the dumbest bastard of all).

Jackie Burkhart

A snooty, rich girl. Dated Kelso for a while, then Hyde, then Fez.


Fez- A foreign exchange student whose name and country of origin are a mystery. That said, using clues from the show we've figured out that he hails from here:

We're fairly certain he's from here.

We're fairly sure he's from here.

He also likes candy... a lot. At the rate he consumes it he'll probably get diabetes by 1982.

Randy Pearson

Widely considered the man who killed the show. He replaced Eric when Topher Grace became Venom and left to kill Spiderman, and quickly began to lead the show downhill. He leaves in the Series Finale, which is coincidentally the best episode of Season 8.