How To Act Hardcore On The Internet

Acting hardcore on the internet is the only way to use the internet you may think because you called that kid fat or a retard your already ahead well thats the truth but there are a few other things you have to learn

Rule 1: When posing for your super uber cool hardcore pic remember please remove those floppys

Rule 3: and most important of all the lower your pants are the better even though people on the internet cant see you, your going to feel hardcore

Just The Facts

  1. Being hardcore is a lot easier than it seems with enough skill and determination you can become your own god
  2. Facebook is by far the best place to be hardcore especially with all those geeky kids and their knowledgey know how. myspace and bebo are good starter pages though
  3. any one that has an I.Q higher then you, which is most the population that graduated kindergarten, or can use the toilet without pissing themselves are deemed fags and should be promptly bitch slapped across the internet with an insult

history of being hardcore on the internet

Disclaimer: most (by most we mean all) of these facts are probably in some way not true at all but we are to busy being hardcore to bother

The first ever documented case of hardcoreness was on facebook way back in the 2000s some when any way back on track the inventor (praise be) of hardcore said "oi FAG Dem tings aint meaning to be saying round dis place fo shizzle" to a young lad who had commented on his profile picture (this was way before the privicy policy was introduced) calling him a douchebag with nuclear warhead man titties. so the hardcore inventor said to himself i will become hardcore and shit will happen.