Salvia Divinorum

Salvia is a leafy plant native to Mexico that was originally used by the Mayans as a medicine and for recreational purposes, it's main component is called salvinoriam A. Also it's legal in most parts of the world, and the country.

Fact; while tripping on salvia you WILL see this man, and he WILL talk to you, Fact.

Just The Facts

  1. Salvia comes in different potencies classified by the level of an extract of the main active components, usually described with a number followed by an "X".
  2. Salvia Divinorum has green and purple leaves.
  3. In the vast majority of the US, it is perfectly legal, no matter your age.
  4. That's just fine!

Consuming the Herb

We here at Cracked can't condone the usage of any drug, luckily, Salvia Divinorum isn't recognized as a drug! SMOKE THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!

[this would be a good place for a picture, wouldn't it?]

Salvia can be consumed a number of ways, but provided by the difficulty of actually growing it in the majority of the country (hint: it's actually pretty damn easy), the majority of today's usage is through the smoking of dried leaves. This can be done by placing the "leaves" into a "pipe" and "inhaling" the "smoke".

that's some great goddamn salvia!

That right there, is some damn fine salvia! Damn fine!

Sounds Good! So What's Gonna Happen?

Alright, so you've gone to your local headshop or google and you've bought some diviner's sage (slang!) for your 3 year old cousin because he didn't want to be embarrassed being seen paying $80 a gram for some shit you can get for free from some people who believe the Gods need a human sacrifice of fresh babies every other week (perhaps this belief had something to do with the salvia?). The effects start to hit you on the exhale and can be anywhere from a mild positive outlook on life to full on hallucinations.

Welcome home, my lord.

It is extremely likely that you will come out of your trip in the fetal position in a completely different zip code than you started in, cheeks moist and wondering why your penis is lodged in a stump. Luckily, when smoked, salvia's effect only last 5-20 minutes so you most likely, we repeat MOST LIKELY, won't end up in a grave you dug for yourself from trying to get closer to the devil.

This is why you only take ONE hit.



This is a side effect, but no one cares, SALVIA IS THAT AWESOME!