The fifteenth state to be admitted to the union, Kentucky has to be the craziest and most redneck place in the United States.

No. You're not.

What the average Kentuckian looks like. I shit you not.

Just The Facts

  1. Known only for basketball, horses,being fat and poor, and chicken.
  2. Ranked the state with the 5th most farms in the US.
  3. Probably the only state where people still use outhouses.

The Bluegrass State- A Brief History

Kentucky is a state rich in tradition, if by tradition you mean hillbillies blowing into jugs to make music (AKA bluegrass), cooking the fattiest food in the country, and not giving a shit about anything but basketball and horse racing. It's name, if you were to ask anyone in the south eastern region of the state, means "dark and bloody ground" in some Indian language. However, it probably means something much lamer, such as meadow or prairie. It was settled, like pretty much every other state, by some badass white man who came in and straight out told the indians living there to GTFO.

Eventually, when the civil war came around, it remained neutral, probably because the only weapons the state could afford were slings and rocks and trees (early Kentuckians were very much like Ewoks). While the rest of the country was picking sides, Kentucky sat around and drank moonshine. Imagine Kentucky as the rest of the south's drunk uncle who sits on his porch and does nothing.


Kentucky, now

Kentucky went from being one of the most poor states in the nation to.... well, it didn't really change. And clearly it kept it's habit of doing nothing, because Kentucky is known to have some of the fattest people in the nation and is known for being one of the heart disease capitals of the universe...

Truth be told, the entire state is pretty worthless. I mean, shit, the state, aside from building two big cities (Lexington and Louisville) LITERALLY has not progressed any since it was founded. Take it from me, I live there.