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Zombies are pyromaniacs (it's a known fact)

Just The Facts

  1. Shitting will get you killed.
  2. There are 4-6 zombies per square mile.
  3. You can't find a mass-produced product anywhere, yet you can find anything else.


The movie's main tagline "Nut up or shut up" allegedly means "If you don't stop being a pussy, you'll never survive" although ironically the movie shows us the opposite. Two months after the infection spreads (wait for it...) people everywhere become zombies!

Now this isn't the classic zombie movie where the immune people stay normal, but rather worse. The reality is that you become a zombie if you get bitten. Do you know what else you can get with getting bitten? Rabi's. Hell, you can see that thing everywhere, so how come we're not dead?

The creators did a pretty good job on tricking the wide masses that Michael Cera and Mila Kunis will be starring in this movie.

The Characters