Curling is the answer to the question "What would happen if we take the strategy of chess, the excitement of shuffleboard, the rules of bowling and bocce ball, and the equipment from the janitors closet?"

Just The Facts

  1. Curling was created in Scotland roughly 500 years ago
  2. Curling was added as an Olympic Sport in 1998
  3. Two teams, each of four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished blue granite stones across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a circular target marked on the ice.
  4. They do this for 10 fucking rounds
  5. Good sportsmanship is particuarly important in curling
  6. That's probably because you'd have to be drunk to get into a game
  7. And the general agreement is to not throw up all over the ice


Curling is one of those sports that most people aren't even aware exists in the years between the winter Olympics. Some attempts have been made to increase its popularity, but really contributed to making it seem more ridiculous

And of course let's not forget the ever popular Curling games

IGN's Game of the Year for 1800

Although the Olympics feature both Men and Women's Curling, Women's Curling is much more entertaining. Since much of curling involves yelling about what way the oversized hockey puck is going, after a few drinks it's not hard to confuse the yells with that of the average porn star

And of course, let's not forget the fact that after hockey, it's practically Canada's national sport. It's so big in Canada that in 2009, a naked women of curling calendar was released

However, much like other calendars, they don't really show what the real people that play the sport actually look like