5 Types Of 2010 Technologies That Would Be Usless

Scientist say that the amount of technology that we produce each years advances and multiplies times two each year, but what about all of the useless crap that also multiples in to more complex crap.&&

Just The Facts

  1. Usless crap will keep comming our way on the future.
  2. Windows (do i have to say more??)
  3. Japan is the worlds leader on random crap mass production.

#5 The Microsoft Zune

Why is this copy of the awesome itouch usless? beacuse its a copy thats why, i mean the new and more look-alike itouch copy price is 300$ or more, seriously why would you buy that when you can buy the itouch that is way more accesible and compact than the zune. Never mind the continoues crashes, viruses, lagginess and all the problems that microsoft gladly provides to you with a middle finger and a smile, the installation of the zune takes the average person 1 hour, we're not kidding there are about 45 steps to take. No wonder three out of five people dont know what the zune is...

#4 Wii fit

I know a lot of people love the Wii but seriously who would buy a 100$ board to do exersice in the middle of your room? you think people actually buy this just to get fit? First of all, instead of couching you and helping you it relies on boring demos that take for ever and the contineous stops that supposely to help you "cool down" FROM WHAT!?! yeah cool down from eating that wooper and from sitting on your ass the hole time Also, none of the games actually require enough movement to actually loose weight, and come with extreme lagginess so if you wanna lose some weight there's only one way my friend, PUT DOWN THE FORK!

#3 3 wheel motorcycle

If you ever thought of becoming one of those bad ass dudes you see on the streets riding with their bad ass motorcyles, saying i am a man and a bad ass mother f*cker, think again, because all of the many accidents brought by the most bad ass street races on near mountains on north korea (wich is the most bad ass place to do exactly whatever the f*uck you want without any consequences), sicence has come up with their own crappy version of trying to make you look bad ass but also seafty, see by adding two front wheel they think that you will not fall out of the cliff by riding near the mountains, the average price for one of these anti-badass motorcycles is between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars.

#2 Windows 7

After the epic failure that was vista, windows comes up with a new more complex way of making your life misserable beacuse we cant affort a mac. Instead of making a completely new windows to fix the debacle, the geniuses that are Microsoft decided just to "fix" it. Instead we are left with more shit that doesn't work.

#1 3D Television

In the 1950's film makers saw an opportunity to expand their films into the lifelike dimension of 3D. Ever since that point little kids have been fascinated with the flying animals coming out of their screen. Hell, we even got Giant Blue men like this:

Yes, Blue men

But now, the television industry has picked up this idea, and now we are about to be stuck with televisions that one must wear shitty plastic glasses to watch without it feeling like you're looking through the eyes of a geriatric. Within the next couple years we are going to be stuck with this shit and there's nothing we can do about it. Fuck you television execs.