Gingers are people* with light skin and freckles. they have no souls and get kicked a lot. some gingers say they are proud of being a ginger.

Above: Ginger

Just The Facts

  1. Gingers have no souls.
  2. Ginger have light skin and freckels.
  3. Every freckle is a kiss from an angel.
  4. Angels hate gingers.


Gingivitas is the ginger causing desease. The gingers have red skin freckals and no souls. At night they creep around eating the souls of normal people. They will never get souls by said means but they are evil and gross. they cannot go out in the sun or it will damage their skin. They have to wear umbrellas and heavy clothes.

Day Walkers

Day Walkers have red hair but no freckels. They are hated by gingers because of their lack of freckels. They are able to walk in the sun. No one knows if D.W have souls but we lke to think they dont because they are gross.

Celebrity gingers

There are many gingers that have made it big in the world, but we all no they will be takin down by a flaming Mel Gibson riding on a horse. some of the celeberties include...

Carrot top

Ronald McDanold

Nicole Kidman

Linndsay Lohan

There are others but i dont really give a fuck about them.