Mad Max

[THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, PLEASE BE PATIENT] When humanity is destroyed save for a sparse quantity and everyone begins ripping the sleeves off their leather biker jackets and raping every orifice within vision you will have Mad Max to thank.

Just The Facts

  1. You do not want to make Max mad
  2. Because he will kill you
  3. Over and over again

Mad Max (1979)

Max Rockatansky works for the Main Force Patrol, a police department stationed in a futuristic dystopia. A film written and directed by George Miller, it helped launce the career of then unknown actor, Mel Gibson.

In a world where the law is quickly crumbling, Max is perhaps the one last badass cop left in existence. During the day he earns every ounce of his minuscule paycheck by running the scum off the road via awesome car crashes, because for some reason he is one of the few people alive who know how to drive decently anymore. And, in the evenings, he spends the rest of his time with his beloved wife and son.

At first, life seems to be going pretty all right for Max, or however much life can possibly be all right in an Australia on the verge of total collapse. That is, of course, until he takes out the wrong bad guy, Night Rider. The thug's friends soon come to collect revenge, wherein they set fire to a respected police officer and murder Max's entire family.

Naturally, this angers Max quite some bit. It is rumored this may be the meaning behind the film's title, but the actual truth is hidden in code on a stone tablet kept in storage in George Miller's basement, so we may never know for sure. As a reaction, he throws on some leather, loads up his guns, and gets behind the wheel of the infamous Interceptor.

Apparently, all cars in future Australia circa 1979 are every action hero's wet dream.

In a fit of fury Max casts revenge on the entire gang of outlaws, killing every last one of them. The last one, we may add, totally consisted of a Jigsaw-style deathtrap that ended in a pretty awesome explosion.

Now, we're not saying the scene was intentionally stolen from the makers of Saw or anything. It could just be entirely coincidental.