The Virginity Debate

Ah, the virginity debate. The debate whether to do it before marriage - or not, according to the Catholic Church. This topic was recently brought up in my home town, known as Australia.

... Got Wood?

Dumbo. He he he...

Just The Facts

  1. According to the bible, you should stay -uh- pure.
  2. Didn't this debate like happen, in the 50's?
  3. The bible was written for the middle east. Do you, as an American, trust the middle east?

My article bitches...

In the law, is there any specific rules about sex? Besides with children, animals, and like people who don't wanna. No! There isn't a law saying " Wait till ya married ya horny bastard* "

So... Why is this a debate? The law says you can mount before marriage. Oh. Ohhh. The Catholic Church. Well it may as well be a fucking law. How many topics has the Catholic Church stuck it's nose in? Abortion? Contraception? HOW TO FUCKING LIVE LIFE? Our calendar? What we do on Sundays? Rings a bell, those old people who blather about God on the bus when the drivers got a piercing, or when your grandfather shouts at " No good punks for their devil hair and music "

Ever since " 6,000 motherfucking B.C. " the Church has been breathing down our necks telling us what we can and can't do. Back then, sure it worked. NO electricity - or fucking coal - all they could was listen to their Rabbi rabbiting about the ravages of life. But these days - we have freedom of speech. If you'd shown this site to the Jews 4,000 years ago, you'd be stoned more than the average high school teen. But these are opinions - funny, interesting opinions - but opinions. They don't mean anything. The Bible is basically one giant opinion. You don't have to listen to it. Ohhh... but your parents made you. Older generations enforce their beliefs on younger generations, because they like it. Of course daddy doesn't want his 15 yr old girl to become sexually active. The church is just the scapegoat.

But we don't listen to music from back then. Or wear the same clothes. I know that cars probably will be seen as dumb in a century or two. But religion? Oh no, they know everything. They are never wrong. Never. Circular logic.

I think that the church may be good - for some things. Hope for the afterlife, guide for young minds - but that's it - no more. People can do whatever they (legally) want. Or whoever they (legally) want. Let people lose their virginity early. My mum works with HIV and AIDS sufferers in prison - trust me, that shit'll make you think twice about boinking someone.

What happened in Australia to spark my brain...

Our Health MInister.

... you'd looked concerned to with ears like that.

... you'd looked confused with ears like that. He he he

This wacky wonder woke up the sleeping debate by saying women should keep their panties on till they get a ring on. Then off go ya dacks. And dignity. But only women - which is a bit conservative. Tell the women what to do. But women have a say? They can run a business, they wear pants. You see, when the bible was written, women just cooked and cleaned. Say that today and *WHAM* you get knocked out by a woman wrestler. People often say Burqas [(Muslim women's hoods)The hood things] are smothering, what about listening to MALE priests who answer to a MALE Pope who answers to a MALE God. No wonder there are feminists, to fight the church.

... Why does the church decide things?

Why does the church get to stick their minions of doom in the govt? Or in any country? That's why there is war in the Middle East, because the Jews are trying to take the Holy Land. Wars. Over religion. WWII? To kill Jews. It is always religion. Sometimes it's just an excuse, but come on. Hey would they like it if we stuck Bush on the Vatican Counsel. It'd be fucking Anarchy. WHICH IT IS WITH PREISTS IN POWER. Honestly, Religion needs to take a step back. Youtube videos and forums are plagued by the religous crusader.