Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox is a Canadian actor, most notable for his role as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy. His other starring roles include Family Ties and Spin City. In 1991, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The man himself. Picture taken at 1/250 of a second.

Just The Facts

  1. Michael J. Fox is a Canadian actor, notable for his roles in the Back to the Future films.
  2. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's in '91, went public with it in '98, semi-retired from acting in '00 cause of the symptoms.
  3. The interwebs saw that there was great potential for lulz and went to work.

The Facts

Michael J. Fox is a Canadian actor, most notable for his role as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy. His other starring roles include Family Ties, Spin City, and the voice of Stuart Little. Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, and revealed it to the public seven years later in '98.

Some say that Michael J. Fox's original aspirations to churn butter manifested themselves in his inability to quit fidgeting, but doctors are quick to tell us we're wrong, and that it is, in fact, serious business. Symptoms of the disease worsened in 2000, and Fox semi-retired from acting, concentrating his efforts into advocating a cure for Parkinson's. He created the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, a foundation which ultimately aims to bring better treatments and eventually a cure to patients living with Parkinson's. Not that funny, right? Well, you'd be surprised. Or would you? I'm not even sure anymore.

The Lulz

Sometime later, the internet in all its creative might and glory caught wind of this, and because anything and everything is and can be made a joke, YTMND pages started popping up. Soon after, the infamous /b/oard we've all come to love and fear thought it might be a hilarious idea for a new meme and thus, one more internet phenomenon was born unto man, "because of Parkinson's." (Both literally and figuratively)

Two popular YTMND pages consist of a gif image where Michael J. Fox is superimposed into a scene where his tremors fit with some humorous effect; in particular the car scene in A Night at the Roxbury. Another one simply has a picture of him that has been animated to "shake" so to speak, and put to music. They're all pretty much along the same lines.

The 4chan meme, however, is somewhat different but equally hilarious. It's just an outrageous sentence where it is stated that something Michael J. Fox does or is unable to do is attributed to being "because of Parkinson's." These are different from the YTMND pages, but still get right to the point... whatever the point might be. An example of this might be something like, "Michael J. Fox once caused a can of soda to explode in someone's face just by handing it to him. Because of Parkinson's." With this easy-to-use formula, the potential for lulz is nearly infinite.

So infinite, in fact, that there's at least one more variation on the whole thing. It's called "The Michael J. Fox Equation" and it's basically a series of pictures that show Michael J. Fox, plus an ordinary object, equals a comical result. Some of them require a bit of thought, which makes it that much funnier and so much more insulting when you finally figure it out. Some of them though are fucking fantastic.

Like these two:
Cloverfield = Shakycam, get it?
Kinda like Chaos Theory huh?

The Rest

At present, there is no word yet on what the man himself thinks of all this. Although some have taken to their internet fame with a more positive attitude; Rick Astley and the Trololo Man spring to mind; it's never really clear how someone might react upon initial discovery. At the end of it all, the chances are this stuff will leave Michael J. Fox tossing and turning at night.

Because of Parkinson's.