A pop-punk band formed in the early 1990's.

Just The Facts

  1. Formed in 1992, irrelevant til 1997, broken-up in 2005, reformed in 2009.
  2. They are largely to blame for the resurgence and continued proliferation of "pop-punk".
  3. Your little sister probably loves them.

Early Years

In 1992, record label executives felt a tremor in the Force, as Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus started using guitars to make noises in a Californian garage. After recruiting Scott Raynor to be their drummer, they would go on to form blink-182, which would eventually become exactly what you'd expect in a band birthed from a high-school known for its broom-stick rape.

He must eat it. He knows not why.

In 1996 the band recorded their first big album, entitled Dude Ranch. This got them a record deal in 1998 with MCA and a nationwide tour in the U.S.A. At the time, they were the only pop-punk band to be signed with a major record label. Their popularity would later serve as a the catalyst that has given the world bands such as Fallout Boy, Panic! At the Disco and, eventually, the musical stylings of the Jonas Brothers. To date, no formal apology has been issued. Later that same year, Scott Raynor developed a drinking problem, likely an occupational hazard from having to listen to blink-182 all day. Mark and Tom kicked Scott from the band. To replace him, they rescued the Baron Von Tito from the Aquabats.

"Help me!"

Big and Famous

In 1999, blink-182 - now, in their modern configuration of Mark, Tom and Travis - released their best selling album: Enema of the State. To promote this album, the band made a deal with Mephisto stating that at least one song from this album must be played on the radio in at least one place on earth at all times for a span of no less than 3 years.

Fuck, indeed.

This effort was largely successful, as the album sold over 15 million copies and contained one number one and a pair of number two hit singles: "All the Small Things" and "What's My Age Again" and "Adam's Song", respectively. 2001 saw the release of their next album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. This "did alright, I guess", selling just 4.5 million copies and hitting number 6 on the Billboard 200 in the USA. In 2003, the band abandoned their most appealing attribute by releasing an album that was "more mature". This new direction cut the number of publicly broadcast musical dick-jokes by 1/4. The band was punished with a 4/5 star review in Rolling Stone and a musical collaboration with Robert Smith of the Cure.

Break-up and Reformation

Despite this success, disaster would soon strike at the hearts of preteens everywhere. Mark said that Tom was, like, really being a big, selfish jerk and was being really bossy and shouldn't be trying to get out of doing his job but Tom said that Mark said that they had to go on tour but Tom didn't want to go on tour and said it was totally Mark who needed to, like, back off and just let him have some time off because no one gives him ultimatums. Travis is an autonomous drum-hitting cyborg; so, he had other concerns.




Tensions grew and in 2005, the band broke up. During the hiatus, Mark and Travis started the band +44 and Tom started Angels & Airwaves. These new projects would end up being only temporary, as blink-182 got back together in 2009, once they realized that dollars and tities is more important than whatever other bullshit they had been arguing about before. They recently completed a nation-wide tour in the USA and are working on recording their sixth studio album. Little information is known about this album except that it will contain a new single titled "Up All Night". The album was originally planned to release in 2011 but Mark Hoppus has said that is "too far away" and that he wants to finish it in 2010. The exact date of simultaneous radio shut-off by everyone out of high school has not yet been announced.

"DONCH YOU EVA--wait, what's today?"