The Police are the assholes who enforce laws, they are fearless superheros of society who take every aspect of their job seriously.

Above: Clearly a serious law enforcement officer

Just The Facts

  1. Most police officers go to school for a year
  2. Cracked readers have the same amount of time in school
  3. Seriously
  4. Police officers do not inhale donuts
  5. These are the people we trust with our firearms
  6. Seriously

Police: The Job

So most human beings on average are harassed by some asshole form of the government. The police is just a branch of that same government. The police can range from well educated respectable men and women to assholes who applied to shoot a gun. Yes that would be the one and very only reason I would ever consider being a police officer, but thats beside the point I never said i wasn't an asshole. Anywho, the police were sent here to protect us from criminals or enforce dickish laws to piss us the hell off. In some way or another the police are a good people with a good cause. Yea Right

Police: The Look

When you think of police officers you get the good ole blue uniform and the badge and hat and what not. Some people think of a bad impersonation of Orlando Bloom

Something you will never un-see. Most of the police officers you see will not look like this. But for some reason the police are almost as stereotyped as black people. When I think of the police I think of badass robots with fucking laser cannons and cars that transform into battle tanks, big battle with a cannon that could fuck the moon. But sadly the police jst arent that cool and theyre stereotyped for a reason , and that reason is because theyre like mexicans, all the stereotypes are right, nobody likes them, and theyre good for nothing. So in reality away from terminator the police do wear blue uniforms do have gay-ass hats and their badges are really fuckin shiny. Their gear is based on what type of cop they are.

Security Gaurds:

Weapons- Flashlight, pepper spray, and a coin holster full of coins to call the police.