Anarchists are basically like normal people, except instead of voting, and reading newspapers, they burn and break things.

Just The Facts

  1. Anarchists are responsible for millions of dollars in damage worldwide ever year
  2. Anarchists are responsible for numerous police injuries worldwide every year
  3. There is still no anarchy. Anywhere.

American Anarchists

At some point, about a million years ago, American anarchists were relevant. That was when they were running around New York assassinating people and blowing stuff up. Nowadays, its more of a remove-the-battery-of-your-cell-phone-so-the-government-won't-hear-you-talking-about-your-subversive-zine type of thing. Every so often (once a year or so), a big protest will happen, and an anarchist will throw a rock through a window, drag a newspaper box into the street, or roll a dumpster down a hill at a cop car. The remainder of the year will be spent hyping this event up to be the sign of the coming insurrection.

this is it

Greek Anarchists

They listen to techno music, burn cars and police officers on a daily basis, and fucking hate Christmas.


The tyranny of Clause will be felt no more, my brothers, the insurrection is upon us!

Mexican Anarchists

They (allegedly) stole Trotsky's ashes, baked them into cookies, and mailed them to anarchists all over the world.


The white bits are real skull!


These are crazy people. Their hobbies include; watching Man Vs Wild, stealing expensive sporting goods, learning how to make leather, complaining about the 'tyranny of language', and (once a year or so) running around naked in the woods for a weekend. They read Hatchet when they were little, and took it as absolute fact. They eat bananas from the opposite end, like monkeys do.

the primitivist utopia

The primitivist utopia


These are boring people. Their hobbies include; talking about their anarchist organization's structure document, reading books about the IWW's structure documents, having inappropriate sexual dreams about future structure documents, and (once a year or so) organizing a union picket (maybe). They saw Newsies when they were little, and took it as absolute fact. They eat meat and drink dark beer, like the proles do.

the syndicalist utopia

The syndicalist utopia


They only exist on the internet, disregard them.


We're trolling infoshop!