These days, no one is anything. It seems like everyday you walk down the street and know that someone, somewhere, is a pretty little trap that will tease you without trying...until you get into the bedroom that is!

Guess which one was born a man. Go on...nope, wrong. All three horrible...its a girl!

Your girlfriend will hurt you for calling this picture anything but adorable while she's me.

Just The Facts

  1. Transexual and transgendered people are just like everyone else
  2. Transexuals and transgendered people are more afraid of you than you are of them
  3. Transexuals and transgendered people are way better in bed.

Why all the fuss?

Well, we just looked at a few facts that make up the whole of the current debate. Are transgendered people evil? It's all in your perspective. But, with that in mind, let's also think about a couple years ago. Remember when gays and lesbians were evil? That they were "satans worshippers" and "going against god almighty"? Well, if you really stop and think, I'm sure you've met one of two and what are you thinking? Yea, that's what I thought.

The issue at hand right now is that they are considered mentally ill, and thus unable to work and rent an apartment and pay bills and such. Perfectly understandable. For a lot of them, the hairspray must be hogging all the oxygen, right? I mean, when she was growing up, she only graduated magna cum laude from harvard. She can't know anything, right? Or, reversely, they have to be too drunk and infatuated with the tv to remember they have work, right? They only have a PHD in medicine.

Put bluntly, the age of stereotypes from the 50's is back with a vengeance. Get rid of it. You know it'll get you. Watch out or your si...I end up being one.