Demotivational Posters On Facebook

Demotivational Posters are random images with funny captions underneath them.

Random pictures with funny captions underneath...Hmmm... Nope can't think of anyone that does that.

How To Make Your Own Demotivational Poster.

How to create your own successful Demotivational poster.

Step 1. Find a funny or random or popular picture.

Like this.

Step 2. Then write something witty or obvious underneath it.

Like this.

Step 3. Publish your poster on the nearest site along with the other thousands upon thousands of Demotivational Posters.

Well Done, you have now made your first Demotivational Poster.

How It All Started.

These posters started of as Motivational posters that can now be found hanging in the closest dank, dark, semen and blood stained hospital ward as people soon learned that the posters sucked and are not funny in the slightest.

What are you talking about, this is histerical.

What are you talking about, this is hysterical.

They were made to boost moral in stressful environments such as offices and hospitals, but with the age of the cynic taking over the world people started to make parody of these posters. With big help from the internet Demotivational Posters were now starting to be made and becoming increasingly popular. The images vary depending on the makers humour (or lack of) and the popular trends at the time. The trends can be anything from lolcats to pwnage images.

Are we still funny?

Sex In Demotivational Posters.

If you are still having problems coming up with your idea for a funny and popular Demotivational Poster, don't worry, just do what anyone else would do... and use boobs.

It is a scientific fact that if you take a picture of boobs and add a few little words, it equals a great success. We at Cracked tried to work out just how exactly this amazing phenomenon works, but for unknown reasons every time we pulled up a picture of boobs we were momentarily distracted.

But we will keep on trying. It is a tough job but someone has to do it?

The downside to making these posters is that they are not funny, the upside being that whoever is looking at the poster really doesn't care. You have now learned everything there is to know about making Demotivational Posters, so enjoy making them, and enjoy making people laugh.