Punk is a type of music for pretentious idiots. These people play punk because they can't play more than 3 chords and don't bother learning more. They also think it's artsy. It's not. It's stupid and capitalizing on what was once a noble idea.

This is not punk, this is metal.

Just The Facts

  1. Punk Rock is in fact dead, however instead of being buried it was made up in its Sunday best, put in the basement and had its identity assumed by the proprietor of a local motel.
  2. Like most music, there is no discernible moment in history when Punk was established.
  3. It's current primary function is to inspire more people to not learn how to play guitar


Punk was created in the 70's in New York and London, England as a response to a) Social Injustice, and b) guitarists who were just too good to imitate. Some guys said "Hey! We can't play that! Let's make up our own songs" They were not, in fact, stopped by the fact that they new how to play 3 chords.

Eventually, punk made it's way to LA, California, where it was ripped off and adulterated until it was replaced by another bane of society, glam.