Nurses are like your own personal hospital ninjas, keeping you safe from the mistakes made by everybody else trying to take care of you... all without your knowledge

What really goes on when your nurse leaves the room

Just The Facts

  1. When you were a pre-med in college partying, getting laid and "finding yourself," the nursing students were the waking up at 5 a.m. to go wash your delirious grandpa's balls and get peed on by small children
  2. Male nurses are badasses; ever try to call one a pansy and he will know in exactly 3 movements the best way to make you pass out

What the fuck is a nurse?

Nurses are the ministering angels of the hospital, soothing your fevered brow and seeing to your comfort, while being competant, highly trained professionals dedicated to alleviating suffering. Well, that is what they wish you to think.

The reality is somewhat different.

Fantasy versus Reality

Not what really happens in the conference room