Tentacle Rape

Tentacle rape is a common subsection of hentai, or anime porn. No one really knows why it would be arousing to anyone, ever.

Pictured: Sexy

Just The Facts

  1. "Tentacle rape" is one of the most common fantasies in hentai, or anime pornography. It is, horrifyingly, exactly what it sounds like.
  2. In most cases, Japanese animators are not allowed to depict a penis onscreen. Instead, tentacle rape is more common. No sane person has yet revealed how this is any fucking better.
  3. Most of the females engaged in tentacle rape scenes are young, Japanese schoolgirls. So, yeah. Pedophelia and bestiality are fine, but show a penis on there? We have morals here, thanks.

History of Tentacle Rape

Tentacle rape has been feautured in Japanese art since 1814. Though it is now noted as a type of hentai, it actually came before animated pornography, which is to say that before there was Japan's version of Two Girls One Cup, there was Japan's version of Ursula on Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

A scholar named Danielle Talerico published a paper stating that though most Americans classify tentacle erotica in historic art as rape, Japanese consider it to be consensual sex. Why this makes it okay, no one really knows.

Galaxy of Terror

Galaxy of Terror was a 1980 science-fiction film written by Roger Corman. The film's plot revolves around a tentacle rape scene, although few people know this because no one has actually seen the movie. In the scene, beautiful astronaut Taaffe O'Connell is captured and raped by a giant worm. The film would have been confronted with much criticism had anyone actually watched it, due to the fact that this scene greatly conflicts with what actual astronauts have documented their experiences as.

O'Connell is stripped and raped by the worm, and, after discovering that worm sex is hot, she has an orgasm so violent that she dies. This is considered to totally not be any of Roger Corman's masturbation fantasies, and anyone who says so is just jealous.

Tentacle Grape


Tentacle Grape is a soda made by Dekker Dreyer and "his skilled team of grapists." Because there's nothing funnier than making light of being raped. By an octopus.

It is said to be "the best hentai soda on the market," because apparently there is a market for hentai soda. And don't worry - the website ensures that you'll be able to get as much out your Tentacle Grape as possible. How? By posting recipes, quotes, and news (about soda?) right there, on their homepage. Recipes include "Japanese Schoolgirl," "Purple Overfiend," and "Horny Space Monster." Yum!