Eminem A.K.A. Slim Shady- One of the greatest white rappers of all time... Oh wait, he is basically the only white rapper.

Pictured: A man who's done no jail time. The background should be rehab.

See that? It's Japanese for lick my my butt

Just The Facts

  1. In order to become an acclaimed musical artist, you need to try to offend everyone you possibly can.
  2. Rather than start feuds with other rappers who might shoot him, Eminem feuds with female pop stars and talking dog puppets.
  3. I have heard of a few stories that he has choked, not sure if that's on stage or on the C*CK.

Yo Yo

I hate how he thinks he's the only white boy who can post a flow, host a show, idk but he got to go. His shits gettin weak, im gettin high up on helens peak. I seek the future for those who quit, it inspired me to spit, spit a mad rap, a rap that could slap and make eminem sound like crap.