Vladimir Putin

A fine leader of men, a credit to his questionably democratic nation. An former spy. And more importantly... a great pin up model!


Just The Facts

  1. Vladimir Putin is the democratically "appointed" Prime Minister/Despot of Russia.
  2. Constitutionally, the President of Russia is the leader. However, Putin made the constitution his bitch.
  3. Vladimir Putin is a trusting and honorable man, he got these fine qualities while working for those hippies at the KGB.


Vladimir Putin started out as a baby and then he grew older, he became a kid. A Kid with a mean disposition and a unending desire to amass power and more power so that nobody could tell him to put his shirt on

Upper body clothing sucks!

He was a rowdy child and took great interest in martial arts when he was in sixth grade, probably to crush dissent among his classmates. Gotta start young!

He later joined the KGB because his initial application to become a lifeguard was rejected. Not believing in the sanctity of life was apparently a deal breaker.

Life at the KGB

Putin's life at the KGB was pretty uninteresting. he was a spy and his job was to spy on people (No, really).

He worked in counter-intelligence, dabbled in police work which he used as a cover and he also crushed dissent, although he would label that last bit as a "Perk" rather than "Work".

Finally he got to know to know some important people and his political career was born.

Next step.... World Domination!

Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia in 2000 and again in 2004, during his presidency, the economy improved and civil society took a great big spanking.

There have been many arguments and debates about Putin from his economic polices to his social polices to his.....blah blah blah. The biggest controversy though has been....

is Vladimir Putin a Sith Lord?

Like this, but prettier

Look at the facts, the then leader of the free world George W. Bush looked into the the mans eyes and said that he was a great guy. Not soon after, Putin clamped down hard on anyone and everyone that disagreed with him, and generally acted like a big douchebag.

A sexy, sexy douchebag

How could Bush get it so wrong?


Due to this man's incompetence, Putin and Russia are now well on track to becoming very powerful douche-bags again, they already own Europe because of their gas and oil exports and are looking to solidify their influence in Asia and Africa too.

Instead of stopping them, Bush basically gives Putin the thumbs up! So the Sith Lord plans for world domination are are falling into place! Who is going to stop this evil madman?