24 Season 8

In Season 8, Jack Bauer is being very un-Jack so far (he watched a polar bear show with his granddaughter for crying out loud!). While we wait for Jack to come back to us, we have a few constant themes from the show to entertain us.

Jack was watching this with his granddaughter.

Jack should have been watching this instead or at least saving this women.

Just The Facts

  1. Season 8 of 24 continues the story of super agent Jack Bauer being pulled into foiling a terrorist plot.
  2. This is accomplished by sticking to stereotypes such as Middle Eastern men falling for blonds.
  3. Assisting Jack solve a conspiracy are access to super advanced technology and sweet-looking government buildings.

Casting Generic-Looking Minority to Fill Minority Role

Anil Kapoor plays President Hasan and proves that Hollywood will cast any generic-looking minority to fill a minority role. Anil Kapoor is Indian and plays Arab President Hassan. For those not familiar with Mr. Kapoor, he played the unethical game show host in Slumdog Millionaire. Hollywood seems to be under the impression that people cannot tell the difference between and Arab person and an Indian, and maybe most people cannot, but this casting makes as much sense as Tom Cruise being the last samurai.

Final answer?

The Overly Skeptical Boss

This season's overly skeptical boss is CTU's new director, Brian Hastings. Hastings is off to a strong start as being a hard headed son of bitch. He refuses to buy into any alternative theories regarding who the real terrorists might be because he has already set his sights on what he believes to be the right suspect. This character has appeared throughout the series' history and is also a common figure in many movies. The most memorable in my opinion being, Captain Carmine Lorenzo from "Die Hard 2". And just like Capt. Lorenzo, CTU director Hastings will have his "blanks being shot at him moment" and realize that he was following the wrong scent this whole time and become an ardent supporter of Jack Bauer.


Middle Eastern Dudes Love Them Some Blonds

It is common knowledge that Middle Eastern men love blonds. 24 does a nice job of reminding us of this fact by having President Hassan (Slumdog guy) show more than professional feelings toward a blond reporter chick who is framed as the breach in his security. Yup, Middle Eastern men can't get enough of blond chicks. Goldie Hawn proved this over 20 years ago in the movie "Protocol" in which she is given to a Middle Eastern sheik by the State Department to secure the construction of a U.S. military base in the sheik's country. It was the 80's people. Movies like that made sense.

God is Great!

Ultra Modern Government Buildings

Only in the world of Hollywood does the government have ultra modern offices. The CTU headquarters looks like the glass Apple Store in New York. Real life government buildings are not that cool. The CTU headquarters look as if they were designed by I.M. Pei for the Norwegian administrative office of cultural affairs.

Typical American Government Building

Super Advanced Government Technology

This is a staple of 24. In the past we have seen great use of emerging technology such as gps phones before they became common place. This season we get to see some kick ass facial recognition software that clearly beats the snot out of anything your Facebook account gives you access to. By season's end we should expect Jack to don an exoskeleton military suit like the one used by the fake Marines in Avatar. By the way, that suit looks strikingly similar to the power loader from Aliens.

Get away from her you bitch!