World Domination

-Under Construction-Every visionary warlord dreams of conquering the world. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and rappers Westside Connection. Fictional characters always try to take over the world, but it's the real ones you've got to watch out for

Just The Facts

  1. The world is mine, nigga get back! Don't fuck with my stack, the gauge is racked.
  2. About to drop the bomb, I'm the motherfuckin' Don, big fish in a small pond.
  3. If you play strategy wargames you can pretend to take over the world. And there will probably be cutscenes.
  4. If you have a trillion dollars, or an army of screaming Mongol warriors, or a scary robot brain, or are just generally kind of crazy, you might be able to take over the whole world in real life.
  5. Which no one has ever done.
  6. Though a couple of them came close.
  7. To further elucidate the ideological stance held by proponents of such paradigms, we would also venture to say "Worldwide Westsiiiiide!!!"

Chess Is Not Enough

Some people just really enjoy a strategic challenge, so they play chess.

Others find that chess does not contain enough screaming, corpses, or things on fire. It's probably just a matter of taste really, but chess is good enough for most people. It's these other ones though, the ones who insist on playing the game of life on the hardest difficulty's hard to keep them interested in anything as quiet as a chess game. Can you blame them? There's not even any blood.