Bruce Dickinson

If Clint Eastwood impregnated the most beautiful sound of all time, and make no mistake he could, the resulting being would be Bruce Dickinson.

Did i mention that he is an olympic class fencer who could totally kill you? I'm pretty sure i did.

Oh and he also personally flies the band and crew around on their own 757

Pictured: what appears to be all of Brasil in their anual festival worshipping Iron Maiden

Just The Facts

  1. Bruce is the greatest vocalist ever
  2. Along with Iron Maiden, Bruce won the best live British Act of 2009. Not impressed? Keep in mind that Iron Maiden has been making music since 1975. After thirty four years Britan has yet to produce a band that can top Maiden
  3. To top it all off, Bruce, having been named one of the most talented vocalists worldwide, has had NO vocal training ever

To sum up Bruce's awe inspirring talent...

Widely recognized as one of the best and most innovative heavy metal vocalists of all time, Bruce has earned widespread fame, fortune, and a small army in South America. When not busy making millions of people rip their clothes off and beat the shit out of each other in an effort to contain the awesome forces of his metal, Bruce passes the time by hosting shows on the discovery channel, hosting radio shows, and driving motherfucking tanks.

Compare one of his most famous songs

to a tribute he performed for Freddy Mercury in which he sings an operatic version of Bohemian Rhapsoy

Yeah that was pretty much the most mind blowing collaberation ever. Bruce Dickinson recently turned 51, and if science has taught us anything it's that iconic musicians either die at twenty seven (i.e. Jimmy Hendrix) or live untill their very appearence causes infants to cry in terror (i.e. Kieth Richards). So if this statement, founded on absoulutly no factul basis, is true Bruce Dickinson will be serenading our future alien overlords with epic tales of humanity's brave yet futile fight against them.