Tegan And Sara

Tegan and Sara are a Indie Pop band best known for onstage banter, being out spoken for gay rights and there is that music thing too...


Memorize who is who. Nothing worse than having a fan girl yell at you because Tegan has the labret.

Mind fucking at it's finest.

Just The Facts

  1. Tegan Quin and Sara Quin are Tegan and Sara.
  2. They are identical twins.
  3. They are lesbians.
  4. No, they have not slept with each other.
  5. They are Canadian.

Why God? Why?

Tegan and Sara will make you scream this on roof tops everywhere. I don't care if you're a hardcore fan- you hate them. Because having the beat to Back in Your Head in your fucking head sucks. Why? we'll if you never heard the song before- (which I doubt because you are on this topic) it is the single most catchy song in the world. Not only is it so simple that you will always be able to remember it, the actual title of the song will make the song get stuck in your head. Honestly- I could ask you what song is stuck in your head right now and it will automatically go from Sinatra to Back In Your Head. It's a done deal.

Another reason : The onstage banter. Since I don't have the power to know who is on this topic (yet.) I'm assuming that you range from just accidentally clicking on this page to fan girls. Either way you will soon be watching hours of pure onstage banter. From Tegan talking about kissing boys to Sara talking about that time a bomb threat was called on a bank across the street and she had to stand in the cold with out a bra- it's amazingly addicting. Youtube is your demise.

Now You're Just Fucking With Me.

Once you buy a few T-shirts, announce to the world that you are either a Tegan or a Sara lover, and buy all six albums, you think you're in the clear. Sure-now you obsessed with them ,but it could be worse,huh?

It is. They have bands to open for them at shows. Now-I know (fan girls are inserting two other "I Know"s to this while accidental clickers are thinking WTF.) this isn't bad. Most bands do this. But when the bands they ask to open for them are just as catchy/amazing/foreign as them...Yeah that's when it gets bad. An Horse, Northern State, and Rachael Cantu were all asked to open for Tegan and Sara. All bands/singers will mind fuck you with how catchy they are. Now you have to go out and buy an An Horse tote and Rachael Cantu CD. I'll wait...

Actual Info.

Other then the fact that their music is catchy as Hell, they are a political band. Both girls were in a Peta ad and both have spoken for gay rights, against Prop 8 and for Obama.

The music they write (separately) is about love one way or another. Or it's about a part of Vancouver referred to Hell that can be interpreted as a love song. Both are vocals,guitars and key boards. Edward "Ted" Gowans,Shaun Huberts ,Johnny "5" Andrews play with Tegan and Sara.

Tegan Rain Quin is the oldest and therefore got the fucked up name. Sara Kiersten Quin was second and has a normal name. They were born in Calgary on September, 19, 1980, Tegan eight minutes before Sara.

They are kinda rude for Canadians,but in a funny way.