midgets are small people also known as dwarfs

we know what your thinking, not like this

Just The Facts

  1. midgets are small
  2. TLC has a bad habit of making shows about them
  3. midgets dont have magical fighting powers as some video gamers may belive.


Midgets are small people to be blunt, but that got them tv shows carnivail stunt positions and even a website.

Then again so does 8 kids and marital problems.

Anyway, they are the modern equivilent of cheap entertainment. Exept for the ones that dont get tv shows, then it kinda sucks for them. They have to resort to www.hireamidget.com the official place to rent midgets. Seriously? Thats just demeaning. Then again how many of us have ever wanted a personal midget. But what would you do with a midget we ask you?

photoshop 2

Oh yeah...

cracked on midgets

We love em. They make very good cannonballs comedy. And its hillarious when they get pissed. All contribute to the comedy world. Like midget boxing who wouldent want to see that? Plus it gives cracked writers an exuse for comedy. When we run out of ideas, we hire a midget.


He's the door guard

midgets in entertainment

As previously metioned they make good cheap entertainment. And TLC is great at cheap entertainment, case and point little people big world. Its a family and the parents happen to be midgets how they made a show out of such a bad premise is still unknown. kinda like every sitcom ever. but thats beside the point.

And then of course we have midget boxing the funniest sport ever. Untill you see them kick ass then it gives you a fear of small children and or midgets. Seriously these guys are dangerous its like watching 1st graders fight if 1st graders knew kung fu.

pictured: your doom

in conclusion

Midgets are fun little people that occasionally can kick your ass. No reason to hire them to ride a rocket or shoot out a cannon... Ok maybe on the weekends.