Daken is the mutant son of Wolverine...he has some slight daddy issues

Can never have to many crazy beserk mutants

Just The Facts

  1. Daken is Wolverines son with the same powers and few others
  2. Daken is a member of the dark avengers under the name dark wolverine...originality is key
  3. Daken is bi-sexual because being the evil version of your father isnt enough to piss him off

Early Life or Daddy didnt love me

Daken`s mother Itso was murdered and he was taken from his mothers womb, Daken survived due to his fathers healing factor being genetically passed down. After a life of being called " a half breed" and an unloving adoptive family Daken grew up to be a violent psychotic assassin. After years of torture and training from Romulus a shadowy figure with alot of influence in the lives of Marvels Feral mutants. Daken went after his father. Daken has proceeded to go toe to toe with some of marvels best such as his father, deadpool and cyber.

Dark Reign

Daken joins Norman Osbornes Dark avengers and Dark X-men under the guise of his father. He operates under his own motives and doesnt seem particularly loyal to either team. Signficant aspects of his term on the team have been his killing of the punisher and his battle with the the Hulks son Skaar. Daken has been depicted as bi-sexual and spends most of his time flirting with everything that moves.