Top 5 Awesomest Criminals Ever

Criminal were people that break one rule or two, but not always because they wanted to piss everyone of, they just wanted to prove something or to show the world what’s in their head. Probably now, they are not known as criminals anymore.

Here we have an Australian and an American trying to be and english folk.

Just The Facts

  1. Criminal exists since the beginning of all time, some just because the like to be fear, other maybe just for fun, or probably just to hook up with a girl
  2. Criminal could be sometimes hated in one year, and the next thing you know he is a beloved hero
  3. Some criminals are not awesome

#5 Robin Hood

Robin Hood is part of the english folklore since 1228.

The Tales of Robin Hood story survived thanks to ballads, books, Disney, Kevin Costner now Russell Crowe

Everybody loved Robin Hood, except of course, the villains of every tale: The Rich People.

He even was played by this smart fox:

Why is he awesome?

First of all, he robbed rich people, and they probably won't be as mad as me ( a poor fella), when he took some of the gold the rich claim to the poor for using their land.

Even if he didn't have the perfect aim as Legolas, if it wasn't for him, Tolkien would have change the character to maybe something more like this.

So... it's like the butterfly effect, if it wasn't for him, probably now England would still have colonies all around the globe, USA would be still a land slavery, Moon would be still untouched so then Michael Jackson would have to invent another walk, probably the mars walk, or even worst the ''UK Pride walk''.

It seem crazy to imagine a world without our beloved hero, probably some stories were made up, and some skills exaggerated but without an icon that was against the injustice, the world would be a more unfair place

#4 Bartholomew Roberts

Why him? Why not Blackbeard? Or captain Kidd? Because he was way more successful than them, he maybe is the most badass pirate of all time, well maybe not as badass as these guys.

Bartholomew Roberts

It is our understanding why some people turn to pirates, the salary was less than 3 pounds per month, and with that we can't send our children to Oxford, so what do we do?

Well, these days are different, even before life as a pirate was boring and most of the time, without woman, we were surrounded by water and we only have some old folks to play hide and seek.

But Bartholomew Roberts was not like other boring pirates, he took the piracy to the next level.

Why he is awesome?

I'll tell you just one thing: He is estimated to have captured over 470 vessels, and not only that, he did that in only three years, so do the math it's like capturing a vessel everytwo days.

Roberts was killed by grapeshot, which struck him in the throat while he stood on the deck. Before his body could be captured , Roberts' wish to be buried at sea was fulfilled by his crew, who weighed his body down and threw it overboard after wrapping it in his ships sail. It was never found.

Roberts' death shocked the pirate world, as well as the British Navy. The local merchants and civilians had thought him invincible, and some considered him a hero. Roberts' death was seen by many historians as the end of the Golden Age of Piracy.

#3 Karoly Hajdu

Also known as Dr Charlotte Bach was a guy from Hungary in the beginning an impostor but then turned to be a fringe evolutionary theorist. In the persona of the latter, she developed an alternative theory of evolution which acquired a cult following among a number of prominent writers and scientists in the London of the 1970s. Only after her death did they discover that Bach had neither been a scientist-nor even a biological woman.

Not too many criminals turn to be a scientist as he or she.

Why is he awesome?

When he was known as Dr Charlotte Bach, announced her new theory of evolution which, she insisted, successfully displaced Darwinism in favour of Lamarckism. Drawing heavily on the work of animal ethologists such as Tinbergen and Konrad Lorenz, she argued that humans, in varying degrees, experience a pull towards becoming the opposite sex. This urge could either be denied or asseverated: gays and femme lesbian, for example, are woman in men's bodies or vice versa, but transvestites and butch lesbians are not. This gave rise to eight possible permutations. And much else besides.

Bach attracted the interest in particular of the English writer Colin Wilson, as well as of a number of eminent British scientists and academics.

She was invited to speak at and Sussex University and at Darwin College, Cambridge, named in honour of the man most of whose ideas she wished to consign to the dustbin.

In due course, leading members of London's then burgeoning Gay Liberation movement-equally ignorant of Bach's true identity-took up human ethology and started publishing pamphlets of their own, much attracted by the tantalising notion of homosexuals as the vanguard of evolutionary change.

Imagine the surprise of everybody when they figure out that she was not a woman, and then that she was not a scientist either.

#2 Frank Abagnale

We may already know him, he did many things to remember, and the best of all, he is not consider a criminal anymore, at least, he made us believe that.

He even tricked Di Caprio

What do we know? he was 12 months in French prison (about 6 months served)
6 months in Swedish prison and 12 years in US prison (4 years served), because Tom Hanks ask him to help him out in a thing he couldn't do.

Why is he awesome?

Before he was 22 years old he did many more things than this family

He has many identities, such as Airline Pilot, Doctor, Lawer, Prison inspector.

He succesfuly passed US$2.5 million worth of meticulously forged checks across 26 countries

He escaped from police custody twice, ( that's a challenge even for the joker)

And Best of all, he is free and made more money in the legal way than his early years.

He rocks.

#1 Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde

There are many bit torrent websites, but one who is paying all the broken dishes, and those guys and one of our favorite websites were and will be in trial.

But actually we are as guilty as they are, and for that a mean, they are not guilty at all, or we all belong to jail too, is bit torrent really illegal? for the big companies, yes it is, for us, one guy bought the new cd of the Jonas brothers and upload it to share it with all the fans. ( we are not re selling)

We are not going to the store and break the glasses, take the cds and posters, we didn't even were gonna buy the cd, but the big companies say that they are losing a lot of money of things they could have sell to some people.

The pirate bay for a few songs were charge millions of dollars, and just songs. it would be insane to know the charge of The Jackson 5 discography.

Why are they awesome?

The pirate bay now has many political parties in Europe, and soon the world.

The pirate party will change things soon, the popularity increase every year.

The Pirate Party received 7.13% of the total Swedish votes in the 2009 European Parliament elections.

It's just a matter of time before the rule the world.

These are the principles of the Pirate Party :

  • Overall: "Promoting global legislation to facilitate the emerging information society"
  • Copyright: "We claim that today's copyright system is unbalanced" Hence their position that file sharing (e.g. music) should be decriminalized.
  • Patent: "Privatized monopolies are one of society's worst enemies." Hence their position that patents are obsolete and should be gradually destroyed. Regarding patents on pharmaceuticals, the Pirate Party proposes increasing government support for R&D to make up for loss of private R&D if there were no patent protection for innovation.
  • Personal Privacy: "All attempts to curtail these rights (e.g. privacy) must be questioned and met with powerful opposition." Hence their position that anti-terror laws nullify due process and run the risk of being used as repressive tools.