Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis is an American comedian, actor, film producer, writer, film director and singer. He is best-known for his slapstick humor in stage, radio, screen, recording and television.

Even in the '80's, he could scare the shit out of most sane people. Wereclowns tend to do that.

Singing, or crushed old man balls? You decide.

You can tell he's smart, cause he's got glasses and a lab coat.

Just The Facts

  1. He has not been "famous" since the 1970's.
  2. The easiest way to explain him to 'kids today' is that he is the french version of David Hasselhoff, but he was actually famous at one point.
  3. He does a telethon every year on labor day that makes anyone who watches very sad, as well as confused that he is not some sadly put together robot covered in a meat sack from the 1960s.
  4. He is someone vaguely connected to the "Rat Pack" since he worked with Dean Martin. Which means nothing to anyone who would be reading this.


While he has in fact acted in several movies (most notably the original Nutty Professor), he has not done much in the last 20 years aside from hosting a Muscular Dystrophy telethon every Labor day, just in case you weren't depressed enough to go back to school, you have a old sickly looking comedian not even from your parents childhood, who is trying to guilt trip you into giving him money. Not to totally bust his nuts but He hasn't the draw of the telethon for at least the last 10 years. Unless you think that there are millions of 85 old ladies still hoping to be Jerry's number one gal. Which might be true, but I don't want to visualize that.

Old Man Rants

All that Jerry Lewis is known for aside from hosting A telethon that makes you question if humanity is worth keeping around, the rags (term for crap like the Enquirer, the Star, TMZ, etc...) of the recent years only mention Jerry when he is talking shit about a Wack-a-do of the moment, be it Paris Hilton, who should be spanked for being a dumb ass with the whole coke in the purse story; or Lindsay Lohan, who should be smacked and that what she deserves.

While this may fly as an easy "Old curmudgeonly star saying the truth" story , its more like "We already know that they are celebuc*nts". We don't care anymore, we simply don't care.

Now, I know I'm missing tidbits about this man, that fellow trivia dorks want to point out; but nothing worth mentioning. If you really need to know more about a 84 year old 'comedian' who I have never laughed at and got more joy from the fact I thought he was already dead, then wikipedia him up and waste 3 more minutes of your life.

Thanks and hopefully you have learned your lesson.

That or your looking up the Official Jerry Lewis Museum & Store right now, and if so....may god have mercy on your soul.