Apple Tablet

Isn't ... isn't that just a big iPod touch?

Just The Facts

  1. When was the last time someone sold a computer that couldn't multi-task?
  2. Are there people out there with 13" long thumbs for whom this device will be easy to type on?
  3. Is this question gimmick getting old?

Get Ready Everyone! It's ... The Opposite of Innovation

This image from Reddit just about sums it up, assuming those are iPod Touches and not iPhones.
Jobs spent years trying to cram all the iPhone's functionality into an iPod sized device. The iPad has less functionality and is bigger, proving that everyone will just stop giving a shit once you get past a certain amount of money.
Apple stocks took a dive following Job's latest unveiling. Some speculate it's because the iPad is a computer with all the multi-tasking capabilities of a computer from 1987 and none of the keyboard.