Motion Picture Association Of America

The MPAA is an organization dedicated to making sure that you get a baby sitter while you see the newest Tarantino movie. Those thieving bastards...

The MPAA rating system

The MPAA according to pirate bay

The MPAA as everyone else sees it: its annoying, but hey, it helps

Just The Facts

  1. The MPAA makes ratings for movies depending on how much sex, violence, and swearing it has.
  2. They consist of 6 major film corporations in Hollywood.
  3. They are kinda like the RIAA, in the sense that if you use a clip of a movie on youtube without putting a 10,000 page thesus about how you dont actually own the clip, you will be sued.

The Hays Code

The MPAA was started in 1922 by a group of movie studios who were trying to push a censorship law known as the "Hays Code", which consisted of the following:

1.No movie shall be produced that will reduce the moral standards of those who see it.

2 Correct standards of life shall be presented.

3. Law. natural or human, shall not be ridiculed.

However, within the next hundred or so years, almost every film that had ever been nominated for an Oscar broke those rules.

The "Big Six"

The MPAA is run by the following corporations:

Walt Disney (saw that coming)

Sony Pictures (an electrical appliance company)

Paramount (meh, i can live with that.)

20th Century Fox (as long as it isn't the simpsons movie)

Universal (They made Jurassic Park, so ill let them off the hook for now...)

Warner Brothers (Looney Tunes. that is all)

Controversy (Pirate Bay)

To quote another Cracked topic "The Pirate Bay, no matter how you look at it, is a bunch of thieves." This is true, and they have cost the film industry billions. On the other hand, the MPAA has done things to counterpart this; some good, some god-awfully irritating. For example, they are the people who are responsible for banning people like AVGN and Nostalgia Critic from YouTube for using copyright material.

Controversy (Rating System)

The MPAA also created the rating system. While personally, i dont have many issues with it. many other people do. Movies are rated by the amount of crudeness, violence, and sex they have in it. The highest rating is NC-17, and only a few movies have been rated so. ( A Clockwork Orange, Showgirls, Lust Caution off the top of my head.)