Sliders was an awesome show. At least until season 4. It was funny and action packed and it had Gimli from the Lord of the Rings in it. If you didnt see it, go buy it on DVD. Seasons 1 and 2 together are, like, 20 bucks now.

Typical Sliders Plot. Sorry, its made with MS Paint. Heh.

The Original Gang. Oh, so cool. These guys straight INVENTED soul music in british world. Beat that.

The Timer. It will ruin lives. Like cell phones do. Only instead of cancer, you go on adventures. Fuck T-Mobile.

Just The Facts

  1. Sliders came on the scene in 1995 and was pretty awesome.
  2. Sliders officially ended in 2000, with the Scifi (See: Syfy. Ugh.) channel providing the world with constant reruns.
  3. The series unoffically ended when Arturo died. I mean, really. It totally sucked after that.
  4. Every time you mention Sliders to a group of people, one or more of them will whisper "Sliders" like they did just before commercial breaks. Those people are awesome.

Beta Test Gone Wrong!

Sliders began when Quinn Malory was trying to make an anti-gravity device with his cat. He accidently made an Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge that totally sent him to a convenitently-similar-but-not-too-similar parallel Earth where green lights mean stop and red lights means go, and they suffer from global cooling or something. Also his mom was totally banging the gardener. Crazy world! So the device he made that shot him into the new world had a timer that, when it was done, would fire him back into his world. When he got back, he kissed his cat (the cat had a big role in the pilot) and found out that another double conveniently popped into his world and fucked his shit up, as doubles are want to do. The double told Quinn prime that dimentional jumping was called "Sliding" and that it totally kicked ass. Then the double slid out of the dimention before telling him the important stuff, like, ya know, dying and getting lost in the infinate number of dimentions and stuff. Quinn wasted no time in getting himself, his kickass kinda-girlfriend Wade Wills, his angry but totally awesome and smart college professor Dr. Max Arturo, and a black version of Elvis who sings in almost every episode named Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown lost in the void. Turns out if you slide before the timer runs out, it sends to a random dimention. Fail, Malory! Fail! The rest of the episodes are all about them trying to return to their dimention, or "Earth Prime". The show remained totally badass for the first three seasons. It tended to blend humor with sci-fi scenerios pretty well, and had quite a large fanbase. It was on just before X-files, after all.

Shit Gets Real

Some of the cooler plots consisted of the "Gang", as they will be refered to henceforth, helping take the USA back from the Russians (and later, the British), helping a group of sick folks find Penicillian, Trying to survive in a big game a la "The Running Man", thinking they were on Earth Prime when they totally weren't, Helping Rembrandt get un-pregnant, and escaping from a world where there were only, like, fourty males left on the whole planet. There always seemed to be something to fix on these other dimentions, and the "Gang" always had just the right amount of skills or whatever to fix it. There were, however, crap worlds that never even got a full episode. One such world involved the polar ice caps melting, and the "Gang" getting stuck on a building top fighting a mutant shark for 2 minutes. Another one was full of naked people. And yet another had giant spider-wasp mutant bugs that ate through walls. These worlds didnt need full episodes, thank god. But things soon took a turn for the worst, and these crap worlds began getting full episodes. Im speaking, of course, of....

The "Suck Zone"

Arturo gets shot. It totally sucks. To replace him, we got some chick who was mega butch, but totally hot. The producers realized this, and the show turned into "How can we get this chick almost naked in every episode?". Die-hard fans were outraged, but totally kept watching, cause, ya know, she got almost naked in every episode! From there, it went even further downhill when, in season 4, they decided to throw out three years worth of plot and make it like Quinn was a chosen child of the "Real" Earth Prime. Turns out our Earth Prime was a double. Gayyyyyy...... So, not wanting any part of this bullshit, the chick who played Wade totally quit, and went to go act on Sports Night. They replaced her with Quinns hidden brother from the redneck backwater world. Despite these dumbass setbacks, there were still one or two good episodes, so fans kept coming back. The zombie episode was cool, and the one where we found out what happened to the double from the first episode was pretty sweet. But then, season 5 runined everything. They fused Quinn and his brother or something and everyone got pissed off. Ask any Sliders fan, and they will tell you "When that new dude says 'Im Quinn', everyone was like 'Fuck that!'". Seriously, ask. The only original slider left was the Crying Man, and lets face it, he's funny, but he cant hold the show by himself. The show was canceled without much fanfare, and slid (get it?) into obscurity.