The O-Face is the hilarious face you make when you reach orgasm.

You may remember this guy from

Just The Facts

  1. The term is thought to originate from the movie "Office Space".
  2. Everyone makes an O-Face, including you.
  3. Yes, you do. And it's ridiculous.
  4. A woman's O-Face is usually pretty hot. When a gut makes an O-Face, he almost always looks like he is pooping/smelling something foul/getting hit in the stomach.
  5. The O-Face is closely linked to the Guitar Face, with both being equally ludicrous.

The O-Face: An Introduction

The term O-Face is generally credited to Mike Judge, who used it in "Office Space". The character Drew (pictured above) is talking about picking up chicks, and the following exchange takes place:

The O-Face has since been subverted by Three Olives Vodka for use in their ad campaigns.

Your O-Face is not this attractive.

O-Face Variations

1. The Pirate

2. The Birthday Cake Blow-Out

3. The Intestinal Distress

4. The Monkey

5. The Wargasm

6. The Special Olympics