Plants Vs. Zombies

Bad Ass-ness( the Martha Stewart Edition) All you ever need to know about saving your town from zombie hordes from the comfort of your own garden.

Vegetarian Zombie

Real Life

quick someone plant a sunflower!

Just The Facts

  1. In this PopCap Game two people must gaurd a home from zombies, because if the zombies get em they will eat their brains.
  2. These two bad ass guys save lives with bad ass plants and fungi.Real life plants will help you live longer by having them around and talking to them. (In a sense saving your bad ass life by letting you roam the earth in bad assness just a wee bit longer.)
  3. People have been known to eat brains, whether it is from monkeys or Ray Liotta (Hannibal Lecter is bad ass)

On the road to bad ass-ness Plant VS Zombie edition

When it comes to being an overall bad ass rarely do people think of zombies and or plants (unless you have a lot of time on your hands just reek of super awesome bad ass-ness such as I). If you really take the time to think about it (as I stated earlier, I have a lot of it) plants and zombies actually have a lot in common and both will lead you on the road to bad ass-ness. In my case when I was young my bra was dipped in some strange glowing toxic substance and was subsequently absorbed in my skin resulting in me being a bad-ass at an early age.
Plant VS. Zombies is like Martha Stewart meets a extremely less blood, guts and gore left 4 dead, with a splash of Farmville. Just envision left 4 dead but it looks more classic mega man-ish also instead of the 4 survivors (hence left 4 Dead) there are 2 farmers (Left 2 Save)and instead of using weapons to decapitate the evil doing horde, they use a (yes one) lawn mower and seeds that they must grow into different plants( that look like Qbert on a stick) and fungi to save the house , which I might add has to be watched day and night from the front and back( cause we all know no brain eating zombies will ever come in your house thru the side window). So to sum this game up in man talk, we will use stalkers to represent zombies. You and your battle buddy are chilling in the house and you hear a strange noise so you look out the window and see a female that you once dated, let's just say things didn't work out so you hit her with the whole" we should just be friends" bid.
Now just being "friends" didn't really sit right with her and she subsequently goes into a psycho stalker frenzy. So you tell your battle buddy to hold up the back yard and you will take the front (this is where the game starts off). You have to save the day from this stalker by planting different types of seeds such as a peashooter, potato mines and hypnosis mushrooms. Not only do you have to save your house but also the houses of others that you know, because we all know that when dealing with stalkers they not only target you but everyone you have ever known or came in contact with. If this task isn't hard enough, like any other overly- passionate female aka Stalker, they evolve to overcome certain obstacles.
So not only do you have to deal with your everyday stalker, she evolves into one that can fly and jump over those super power wielding plants of yours, some will come in armor (sort of like the tears and lies stalkers are equipped with to break you down and get in that damn house), and last but not least the mega- stalker who can summon other stalkers to help out. I'm surely not about to throw my beloved 360 controller in the corner, since I am now honing my Alien VS. Predator skills, but this is truly a game that shouldn't be slept on and it will make your workday oops I meant Sunday go by much faster. (No real stalkers were hurt in my vision of this game)